Jun 27, 2008

Through the Verdant

I've often mentioned Tokyo in my posts. I do love Tokyo, but really, it's where I spend my weekends. My work week is spent out in Narita, a bit over an hour away from downtown Tokyo. The area around my apartment looks less like a neon labyrinth from the future, and more like this:

I've come to really liking the rice fields and the rural areas. In the mornings before work, I've taken to biking out among the fields, which are amazingly green right now.

The train looks sort of otherworldly, technology speeding through the green.

It goes on an on, bikalbe paths sometimes leading into another field, and sometimes terminating nowhere.

The rice itself. Insects and tiny fish swim in the water around the green shoots, and the whole sprawling mass of it seems immensely alive.

A darkened bamboo grove. Roshomon took place in a grove like this. I can see why.

I feel like I've got the best of both worlds. I've got this side of Japan at my fingertips during the week, and I can dive into the biggest city in the world on the weekends. Life is good.

1 comment:

Sydney said...

Rice? No thank you, sir; fish make love in it.

Lovely photos! Isn't it funny how a landscape that is at first so foreign so quickly becomes beloved? Life is good, my friend!