Jun 10, 2008

New Wheels

For the past eight months, I've basically been living without a basic life necessity- a bike. I have had one, but it was an old, rusty thing that was a bit too small for me. Okay, way too small for me- it was designed for someone perhaps ten inches shorter than me and was a pain to ride.

This Sunday, though, I finally got a new bike. Not only that, but I bought a road bike for the first time in my life. I've owned mountain bikes and hybrids, but up until now I've always been sort of resistant to getting a road bike. It turns out, though, that they're awesome. It's responsive, you can feel yourself connected with the machine and the road, and much, much lighter than a mountain bike.

Kori rides quite a bit, and I can't keep up with her quite yet, but we went around this weekend in the suburbs, and later I did some night riding around the industrial area near Tokyo Bay. I'm hoping to eventually be able to ride from Narita to Funabashi (where Kori lives) and also from Narita to the Chiba coast.

I'm psyched.


Rip Tatermen said...

Have you taken it off any sweet jumps?

Joseph said...

Bikes are AWESOME! I love BIKES! You should RIDE your bike a long ways and take PICTURES of yourself! YES!

Kristin said...

That is awesome Joe. Congrats!

Beau said...

Rip Taterman wins.

SonicLlama said...

Joseph- This is the second bike-centric message you've sent me containing lots of capital letters. My, aren't you excited.

Beau/Rip- Yes. I jumped it over a pit filled with rabid ninjas. It was pretty cool.

Kristen- Thanks! This is how I roll.

Joseph said...

Bicycles just make me so EXCITED! I can't CONTAIN myself!