Feb 15, 2008

In Which I am Forced to Put on Pants and Answer My Door

Jehova's Witnesses just came to my door. They were Japanese this time. Why the hell are there so many Jehova's Witnesses in Narita? One of the biggest Buddhist temples in the country is here, you'd think that the place would be awash with Buddhist monks or something. I guess there are a fair amount of foreigners here, but it's like a bunch of Hindu missionaries decided to set up shop near St. Peter's.

They gave me a pamphlet in English. I've seen it before. Back in Eugene, my ex girlfriend got it and then ironically magneted it to our fridge. It's yellow, and says "Would you like to know more about the Bible?" ("Yes, but mainly from a historical/literary perspective.") This thing was one of the small bits of irony that littered our apartment, and it was just given back to me by an old Japanese woman. Weird.

In any case, this marks the first time ever that I've had to excuse myself from missionaries using a foreign language.


Rip Tatermen said...

The thing I always wonder about with JWs is, they only believe 144,000 people get into heaven, right? So why push so hard to get new converts? It seems like there's a decent chance you'll recruit someone who'll bump you out of your eternal reward (which would be hilarious). Or what if you convert someone and they bump Prince? Then you'd feel like a dick.

SonicLlama said...

But that raises an interesting theological question: Without Prince, can it truly be Heaven?

Sydney said...

I think that "Under the Cherry Moon" may have already disqualified Prince from Heaven, guys. Sorry.

Rip Tatermen said...

Heaven without Prince...so this is what it sounds like when doves cry.

Eric said...

Belle: Are you wearing a grocery bag?

Homer: I have mis-placed my pants.