Jun 28, 2007

It All Made Perfect Sense at the Time...

If you who ever wanted to know what kind of stuff gets written on the whiteboard in an EFL class, here you go.
I know, it's a terrible quality image, but for those of you squinting, the large letters are the remnants of a hangman game in which the answer was "serial killer," the top-right collection of dead stick figures is an illustration of the word "massacre," and the two questions in the upper left are "What is Esperanto?" and "Why was it made?"
I had a very good reason for putting all of this on the board, it all made tons of sense in context. Really. I take my job seriously, and I swear that all of those things led, bit-by-bit, to increased fluency for the student.
But the larger point is that I get paid to occasionally draw dead stick figures. Ah, life is good.


Joseph said...

I think the most shocking thing about that picture is how legible your handwriting is. What's happened to you?

SonicLlama said...

Actually, when i first got here I got some complaints about my handwriting and have since cleaned it up. Practicing writing in Japanese has also helped it, I think.
I know, I know, my bad handwriting has always been a trademark...
I'm scared too.

Eric said...

And today's word is "Necrophilia". Now class, who can tell me what a necrophiliac wants?

Rodrigo said...
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Kori the tomorrow lady said...

I like the the answer to your question appears to be *serial killer*

My fav writing on the board fax paux (fo-pa! fucking spelling)... was meaning to write
My pen is blue
and having it look like
my penis blue

or some such thing. amazing they pay me at all.